Specializing in Small Business Networks and Home computer users.
We are located in Bellevue for Service in the Greater Omaha Area.

Do you have a small business in need of a highly reliable network? Is your company ready to enjoy the responsiveness of qualified IT people at a reasonable cost? Are you ready for the convenience of a home-based network? Do you have a virus, especially the latest "FBI Ransom / Moneypak" virus or spyware? Is your computer slow to respond or plagued by pop ups? Are you ready to purchase a new computer? We have what you are looking for.

Information System Services of Nebraska is providing complete working solutions to meet and even exceed your expectations. Our pledge to you is to provide the small business owner and home computer user quality products and services to your satisfaction. We excel in setting up and maintaining Microsoft Small Business Server networks and we have an A+ certified technician on-hand to take care of all aspects of computer virus removal, spyware infestations, and repair.

Basic Server

To the Small Business Owner: We can handle your technology needs to fuel your business. Many owners make technology the focal point of their company rather than the tool to help run their company. We'll work with you to provide a properly sized solution to handle your needs now and in the future.

To the Home Computer User: We can set up file and printer sharing to make your life easier. Centralize your files, organize a backup strategy, and reduce duplication of files across multiple computers.